Mercedes Benz 350 SL

    Universally thought of as the greatest Grand Tourer in the world our Mercedes SL is the car in which to make an entrance (or an exit!) It is also a perfect vehicle in which to tour the wonderfully unspoilt Suffolk Heritage Coast before arriving, with your partner, in style at a wonderful hotel either in one of Suffolk’s timeless coastal resorts or further inland in a town or village bypassed by time.

    Ease yourselves into the generous leather sports seats (with heating for a chilly morning), adjust your position easily using the electronic controls and you’ll feel you and your partner have arrived; this is luxury twelve months of the year. Even in the unlikely event the Suffolk sun isn’t shinning the car’s glass panoramic roof gives an “open top” feel. If the weather’s good (remember Suffolk is one of the UK’s driest counties) just pull a lever and the metal and glass hardtop will fold away effortlessly into the boot and you’re ready to go! Put the gear lever into Drive and off you go, soon you’ll marvel in the build and ride quality of one of the best sports tourer’s in the world and at the end of the day won’t want to give it back.

    Note the Mercedes is available for hire all year and is an ideal “self drive” wedding car allowing the Groom and Bride to make a grand exit after the ceremony.


    Taster Day (09:00 – 19:00): £200
    24 Hour: £240
    48 Hour: £420
    Weekend (Friday p.m to Monday a.m): £520
    Prices valid until end October 2016

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